My Message:  

I want women to fall deeply in love with themselves, to experience the yearning of their soul, to realize their alchemy, their medicine and to offer that medicine for the expansion of others without guilt, exhaustion and stress. This is High Vibrational Living! 


My Mission: 

To offer women transformational experiences and safe spaces to heal, to commune and create

My Signature Talks:  


  • Bury the Superwoman, Raise the Queen

We have praised the superwoman in us for far too long not understanding that it was a mask handed to us the hides who we really are.  


In this signature talk I take you from the false narrative of saving, doing, and carrying the burden for everybody

to truth in power.  From Super power to Super Natural From Superwoman to Queen.

  • Reclamation of Power

In this intimate conversation we ask Where have you left your power?  In a relationship, at work, in the past, at the door? And then we journey to  experience what  was once yours and is now to be reclaimed.

  • 10 X your Business with Visualization!

Some of your most famous people you admire do it!  Sacred text instruct us to do it!  The greatest minds did it! Science and the Medical industry has proven that it works! Creative Visualization will maximize your business on every level.

*Talks typically an immersive interactive experience which may include music breath work, guided 

meditation & sound immersion.

The Healing Circle

The healing circle is the safe and sacred space in which women are called to lay their burden down, share their stories, and engage in the divine act of giving and receiving.  

This offering is experiential using the optional tools journaling, sharing, laser coaching, group hypnosis, guided meditation, sound healing, breath work and visualization.

The Healing Circle can be added to a Inspirational talk or booked as a stand alone offering.    

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My Bio:

Jill Flowers is a Transformational Facilitator who assist women to awaken  their alchemy.  This is where your truth meets your power, where intuition meets your gifting and where it all culminates into the expansive space of your Divine Assignment, your purpose.  It is your superpower.  But it is a journey to get there.  The journey is through the layers of trauma, past issues, self criticism, racism, sexism, self hate, worry, stress and fear that has made her voice barely audible. Using the spiritual lens and tools to uplift and support, Jill helps women to be a powerful stand for themselves, their children and their communities. 

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Minister holding several certificates of  study in energy work, wellness and healing.   Jill is also a contributing author to the book “Souls of My Sisters” stories of women who triumphed over tragedy.  In this collection of essays Jill shares her own story of going from pain to power to purpose.   This is the very foundation of the work she does with women in her Soul Shops and healing circles.  Jill’s work inspires, heals and activates the soul.   She sees the Divine in you when it is difficult for you to see it in yourself.

Jill's current project is "Healing History" where she is focused on Ancestral and Generational healing.  She facilitates an affinity group the Black Women's Healing Circle where they dissect topics like colorism, sexual trauma, family healing, and various cultural projections imposed on Black Women.  Jill is a conduit for healing, transformation and creation.  Her divine trinity for change. 


In 2006, Jill co-founded The Abolish the N Word Project.  Jill inspired millions of people world wide to stop using the “N Word in every day speech.  An out growth of this was the NY & LA event  “Celebrities put an end to the N’.   She received a Trail Blazer award and a Proclamation from the NYC Council for this work.


Jill  has been seen on CNN, and in a multitude of periodicals and radio shows, including, The  NY Daily News, The Washington Post, And The Miami Herald.  Jill is passionate about being of service, taking a stand for her family, her clients and her community.  She is The Soul Activist.  Her Vow into ministry says it all 'I Jill Flowers, vow to use my speech, my listening and my light to awaken, to empower and to heal."   


She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two very opinionated and fiercely outrageous children.

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